So, hi, hello. I vanished for a million years and I’m sorry. The start of college was kicking my butt. ;c Buuuuut, I’m back and ready to write and ready to cry over beautiful plots and ships. I’m going to revamp my page and try to get into the swing of things again. I just really want to say that I’m sorry again and ksjdnkjrgs, because I know I sort of just ditched plots without saying a word and that was a shitty move on my part, but life just sorta caught up with me - as it tends to do. More than that though, I would love, love, love to continue all of my plots if any of you are still around and kickin’, so yeah. Let me know, or I’ll probably just bug you myself and shower you with apologies and ‘please forgive me’ graphics.

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❝ When someone tells you, “I love you,” and then you feel, “Oh, I must be worthy after all,” that’s an illusion. That’s not true. Or someone says, “I hate you,” and you think, “Oh, God, I knew it; I’m not very worthy,” that’s not true either. Neither one of these thoughts hold any intrinsic reality. They are an overlay. When someone says, “I love you,” he is telling you about himself, not you. When someone says, “I hate you,” she is telling you about herself, not you. World views are self views—literally. ❞

— Adyashanti   (via hnnhmcgrth)


You’re the pulse that I’ve always needed.
Like a drum, baby, don’t stop beating.

Linus Lohoff - Blue Blues

Bill Skarsgard by Andreas Sjödin

Alfred Lord Tennyson, The Charge of the Light Brigade.

Alfred Lord Tennyson, The Charge of the Light Brigade.

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Mia Wasikowska

Mia Wasikowska